Room Decor Alphabet Bunting

This is an easy way to create a hanging message banner for your next party, special day or just decorating a room. Because letters are strung together by ribbon loops, you can easily remove and reuse them, add more letters later, and customize banners based on your content.

Furthermore, because you’ll use the word processing software to create and print alphanumeric patterns, you can have a lot of fun to play with different fonts or changing the size of letters.

Materials and Tools

  • Basic sewing kit
  • Computers and Printers
  • 1 yards (91 cm) of lightweight cotton twill or linen cotton canvas
  • 1-yard (91 cm) interface
  • 1 yards (91 cm) of quilt batting
  • Fabric Chalk or pencil
  • 1 yards (91 cm) of pure ribbon (½ inches [1.3 cm] or ¼ inches [6 mm] wide)
  • Baker’s twine


  • You can use any word processing software to type a single uppercase letter in a sans-serif and bold typeface. Enlarge the letter to the size that fills the page and print it out. Carefully cut the letter out and this will be your pattern. Repeat this step for all the individual letters required for the banner.
  • With the fabric fold, cut it into two rectangles slightly larger than the printed letter pattern, and then iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of both pieces.
  • Cut a cotton rectangle roughly the same size with the two fabric pieces and clip it between them (the right side of the fabric facing outward). Fasten the layers together with a few pins. Place the paper letter pattern on top of the fabric and mark with pencil or fabric chalk around it.
  • Cut a ribbon in 2 inches (5 cm) long and fold it in half. Fold its end between the fabric layer and pins at the center of the top of the letter (photo A). If you are working with two “top” letters (such as H,M,X or Y), add a ribbon loop to both.
  • Stitch through all the layers, following the lines you’ve made marking and make sure to sew through the ribbon end.
  • Use scissors to cut around the line you’ve stitched which is roughly ¼ inch from the stitches. When come to the ribbon loops, cut one side of the fabric and then cut the other side to avoid accidental cutting of the ribbon loop (Photo B)
  • Repeat the steps for each letter. To complete, first place the letters flat on a flat surface and distribute them evenly. Measure a length of baker’s twine as long as this arrangement, and add another 2½ feet (76 cm) and cut. Thread the string through the ribbon of the first letter twice in a loop (which will make it not slide), about 12 to 15 inches (30.5 to 38 cm) from the beginning of the string. Add the remaining letters in the same way until your messages are threaded and ready to hang!