Easy Wood Project – Bedside Tables

Can not find a bedside table that match your taste? Don’t worry here will show you how to make one with pallet woods. You could then make a same one or another different pattern with your own preference.

Materials and Tools:

  • Basic woodworking tools
  • Pallet pieces
    • Shelves (12): 15½’ × 3½’
    • Sides (8): 25′ × 4′
    • Front trim (3): 14′ × 1′
    • Back (1): 14′ × 3¾’
    • Braces (6): 14′ × 1½’
    • Drawer front and back (2): 13½’ × 3′
    • Drawer sides (2): 14′ × 3′
  • One 13½’ × 15′ piece of lauan plywood
  • Drawer pull
  • ¾’ nails
  • 1′ nails
  • 1½’ nails

*All  measurement in this project is in inch



  • Take four shelves and place them out to form the top of the bedside table, with good sides facing down. Place a brace piece on each end to hold the top parts together and fix them in place with glue and ¾ ‘ nails. Repeat the remaining shelves and brace pieces to form three shelves. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface.
  • To attach the sides to the top of the bedside table, line one of the side panels up with the top edge of one of the shelves created in step 1 to ensure that it is flush with the side and top of one of the brace pieces.
  • Fix with glue and nails in place with a 1½ ‘ nail. Attach another three side pieces along the edge and leave a ½ ‘ overhang on the front. Repeat on the other side of the bedside table to ensure that the overhang is facing in the same direction.


  • On the back of the bedside table, install the back piece below the top shelf and secure it from the top and sides in place with glue and 1½ ‘ nails.

  • Flip the piece, turn it upside down and insert another one of the shelves. Make sure the brace pieces are flush with the back piece inserted in the step 3.

  • Fix the back two corners in place with two nails from the outside to make the shelf easier to use. Use the level meter to ensure the shelf level and use nails to securely attach it in place.

  • Use ruler to measure 2½’ from the bottom of each inside corner to find the placement for the bottom shelf. Place the shelf on the outside of each line and secure it in place with nails to make sure it’s flush with the back of the bedside table and that the brace pieces are against the sides.

  • Turn the bedside table make the front facing forward. Install the front trim piece on each shelf to cover the raw edges.

  • When to create a drawer, place and arrange the front, rear, and side pieces into a box and secure them with wood glue and 1½ ‘ nails, to ensure that the front and back boards are located on the outside of two shorter sides.

  • Fix the piece of lauan to the bottom by gluing around the edges and nailing in place with 1½ ‘ nails.


  • Use the ruler to find the center of the front of the drawer. Pre-drilling the hole with a drill that is one size smaller than the drawer pull.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the bedside table and complete it with your favorite paint color or stains. You could leave it naturally and skip this step if you prefer to have color of the wood.
  • Let’s finish the last step with attaching and secure the drawer pull.