DIY Fresh Flower Hairpins

Please put into your to do list and try this very easy DIY floral hairpins. It could replace your jewelry and add instant bohemian style to any hairstyle.

Materials and Tools

  • Fresh flowers (small to medium flowers, such as purple scabiosa flowers)
  • Bobby pins
  • Scissors or garden shears
  • 3–5 inches of florist wire
  • 3–5 inches of florist tape per hairpin


  • Clamp the stem of the flower, about 2 inches from the base of the flower. Prepare to pin the flower to the hairpin by cutting the 3 to 5 inch florist wire.

  • Place the flower stem against the wavy side of the hairpin and secure it in place.

  • Thread the florist wire through the loop of the hairpin, and use it to wrap the flowers from the upper to the bottom, fixing the flowers on the wavy side.

  • Make sure that the bobby pin is not wrapped together, but only the flower is fixed to one side so that allow it to fully open.

  • Cut 3 to 5 inches of florist tape and get ready to use it to cover the wire-wrapped side of the bobby pin.

  • Wrap the wavy edges of the hairpin (including the end) completely with tacky florist tape, which will stick to itself. This step will prevent the wire from pulling or scratching when it is placed in the hair.

  • Cut off the excess florist tape.

  • Now you could pin the finished product into your hair, just like a regular hairpin.


  • **Tip: If you pin the flower to the wavy side of the hairpin, the flower will be better stay in place because it allows the florist wire to remain non-slippery as it may be on the straight side