Easy DIY Garden Apron Ideas

How to Make Useful Garden Apron

Gardener’s tool apron is very useful for you to carry tools like snips, twine, gloves, or whatever you need to get your garden chores done. Here will show how to do a handmade simple design that is flattering on all body types and it’s an attractive, yet practical.

Materials and Tools

  • 4 yards of 1-inch cotton webbing
  • 24 x 15½ inches canvas fabric
  • 24 x 12½ inches canvas fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Matching thread
  • Ruler
  • Sewing pins


Place your 24 x 12½ inch fabric on table with pretty side faces up, which will be the font pocket of the apron. Then cut a 24-inch length of cotton webbing and line it along the upper edge of the fabric.

Fold the cotton webbing which line on top of fabric in half and iron it along the entire length. This will clip the upper edge of the apron pocket into the cotton webbing. Pin the webbing in place and top-stitch the webbing onto the fabric. Cut off the extra webbing.

Do measurements and marking for the pockets purpose. This project we will mark it at 5.5 inches, 9.5 inches, 15.5 inches and 19.5 inches from the left. At each measurements point, make a dot at the top, middle, and bottom of the pocket. Draw a straight line connecting these points which will be pockets of the apron. So the apron have 5 pockets in this project.

Pin the front pocket piece to the right side of the 24 x 15½ inch piece. Start at the bottom edge and sew along the marks until the edge of the cotton webbing trim; this will make the apron pocket. Make sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end of the sewing.

Measure and cut a 15.5-inch length of cotton webbing. Fold one end in half an inch into itself, then press. Align this clean edge with the bottom of the apron, then sandwich clip one side of the apron and pocket into the webbing. Fix with pin in place and top-stitch. Cut any webbing which is excess on the top edge of the apron.

Cut another 78-inch length of cotton webbing and fold it in half. Locate the center of the apron and align the folded edge of the webbing with the center of the apron.

Stretch from the center to the both sides and secure the webbing in place with pin. Top-stitch the webbing to the apron body. Base on this measurement you should have a 27-inch strap on each side of the apron use as ties. Sew well along the ends of the ties to prevent fraying.

Now the tool apron is ready for work. You could easily roll it up for storage if not use.