DIY Rain Chain to Decorate Your Garden

I like rain chain of which guiding rain water visibly down chains to the ground offering a soothing, soft tinkling noise. This project I use the materials out of leftover garden hardware and building supplies. The result is a “chain,” which, in essence, is not a real chain. However, it works definitely a rain chains that should and also add architectural interest to any landscape.

How to Diy Garden Craft – Rain Chain

Rain Chain


Materials and Tools:

  • PVC pipe of 2-inch wide, cut into 2½ inch lengths x 10
  • drill with ¼-inch drill bit
  • 4-inch landscape pins
  • 1½-inch split metal rings
  • Small piece of scrap wood
  • Marker
  • 2 wood screws
  • Spray paint
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter


  • Mark a point about half an inch down from the edge of one end of each piece of PVC. Make another point at a 180-degree angle to the first point.

  • Do the same at the bottom of each piece of PVC to make sure that the markings at the bottom of the PVC are at a 90-degree from the top marks. Each piece of PVC should have a total of four markers: two at the top and two at the bottom. Drill holes in each marker using a 1/4-inch drill bit. Spray the PVC parts with paint and make them dry.

  • Cut an inch from each landscape pin. For each piece of PVC requires two landscape pins and one split ring.

  • In order to bend the pin 90 degrees, it is best to make a jig to ensure consistency. Drill a screw on the scrap wood. Then drill another wooden screw 2 inches away from the first screw.

  • Place the landscape pin on a screw on the fixture. Make sure the pin side is on the inside of another screw on the jig. Place the pliers directly below the space next to the lower screws. Squeeze hard and bend one side of the pin 90 degrees. Flip the pin so that the straight edge is parallel to the lower screw, and then repeat.

  • You should get each pin with two 90-degree bends at the ends.

  • To put the rain chain together, first insert one end of each bent pin into a drilled hole on the pipe.

  • Slide an split ring onto the pin, and then insert the other end of the pin into another hole in the pipe.

  • With pliers, carefully bend the pin ends so that they meet the top of the pipe piece and the side of the pin.

  • Repeat this operation on the other end of the pipe piece.

  • Using split ring to connect two pipes. Slip the pin through one of the split rings before inserting the pin end into the pipe hole. Continue this step until you have the chain length you want.

  • Now you can hang this rain chain from a shepherd’s hook or from a *gutter downspout.

* To hang your rain chain on the drop pipe of the drain, you need a rain chain hanging kit that can be purchased at the large box home decoration store or online.

There are many rain chains with different pattern that you could make, and these are some photos to give you the ideas to diy: