Easy Wood Projects – Wooden Crate and Storage Bench

Here will show you 2 simple woodworking projects that you can make on your weekend,

A) Woodworking – Wooden Crate

Making of Wooden Crate consider as the basic level in woodworking, you can customize to any size you prefer to allow for a variety of uses. This tutorial will make a crate of size 16′ x 12′ x 8′, but you can change it by shortening or lengthening the sides.

Materials and Tools
  • Pallet pieces
    • Scraps (4): 1′ x 2′ x 8′
    • Sides (8): 12′ x 1½’
    • Sides (8): 16′ x 1½’
    • Bottom (5): 12′ x 1½’
    • Bottom (2): 12′ x 4½’
  • Basic woodworking tools
  • 1½’ nails

(Unit measurement in inch)


  • Cut the pallet woods into the required dimension. Sand them smooth and paint, stain, or wax them as your choice.
  • Take one of 1′ x 2′ x 8′ scraps, place it on a short side and attach four of the 16 pallet woods with some wood glue and nails, spaced out evenly.

  • Repeat earlier step with the other end of the boards and attach the strips to another scraps.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining 16′ bars.
  • Take one of the completed sides and attach four of the 12 strips. Repeat with the other completed side.

  • Attach the two halves together, gluing and nailing any remaining strips.

  • Apply a row of glue at the top edge and attach the bottom pieces with nails, to alternate the widths in an attractive way.


B) Woodworking – Storage Bench

After completing a crate, we can further doing some work to turn it to storage bench if you like.

Materials and Tools
  • Pallet pieces
    • Legs (4): 19′ x 3½’ x 1½’
    • Braces (4): 8′ x 1¾’ x 1¼’
    • Top and bottom (10): 24′ x 3½’
  • Eight 18½’ x ⅜’ dowel rods
  • Basic woodworking tools
  • 1′ nails
  • 1½’ nails

(Unit measurement in inch)


  • Make marking at 1′, 3′, 5′ and 7′ of one of the brace pieces. Make sure to locate the brace piece so that the 1¼’ edges is facing up. Drill all the way through the board at each mark using the ⅜’ bit. Repeat this step to the other three brace pieces.

  • Place center one of the 24′ top pieces over one of the brace pieces in a T-shaped, with the top piece excess 1½’ from the end. Fix with glue and nails in place with 1′ nails. Repeat this step with the other end of the top piece and another brace piece.

  • Attach two 24′ pieces to the top, one on each side of the center piece.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining two brace pieces and three 24′ bottom pieces.
  • Take the finished top piece from step 2 and place one of the legs next to the brace piece, make sure to turn it so that the 3½’ edge is facing outward. Using 1½’ nails to secure in place. Then repeat the same for the other leg.

  • Attach the two legs on the other side in the same way, forming all four legs of the bench.
  • Put a dowel rod into each hole, if necessary, tap them with a hammer to make sure they are snug. If you want their colors to be different from the bench, you can paint them during this step to make it easier than after you have completed everything.
  • Take the bottom part of the bench and put it in place, carefully arrange all the dowel rods in the holes.

  • Place two of the remaining 24′ pieces at the top, and place two at the bottom. Gluing and nailing them all in place on the legs with 1½’ nails.
  • After finish you may paint or dye the bench in the color of your choice.