Woodworking Projects – Knick-knack Shelf and Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

This cabinet  is perfect for holding not only vitamins and medicine but also makeup brushes or a decorative jar of cotton balls. It can easily be resized to insert more shelves, and could be finished in a high-gloss white for a modern look.

Pallet medicine cabinet


  • Nail gun or hammer
  • 1½” nails
  • ¼” screws (16)
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Table saw


  • Pallet pieces
    Sides (2): 16″ x 4½”
    Sides (2): 12″ x 4½”
    Shelf (1): 12″ x 4½”
    Door (2): 12″x 1½”
    Door (2): 9″ x 1½”
    Back (4): 12½” x 4″
  • 12″ x 16″ piece of thin plywood
  • Handle or decorative knob
  • 1″ metal hinges (2)
  • Magnetic clasp (optional)


  • Arrange the four pieces of pallets into a box and secure them together with glue and nails to ensure that the long boards sits on the outside of the two shorter sides.
  • Measure for equal distances inside the box on each long side of the shelf. This project positioned a little higher than the center so that to provide space for larger jars at the bottom and a smaller item at the top. Secure with 1.5″ nails and insert them from both sides.

  • Use glue and nails to attach four back plates to the back. Put it aside.

  • Take a 12″ pallet for door panel and apply glue to one of the long faces. Place the plywood on top, lining up the long edges, and screw it in with four screws.

  • Repeat for the other 12″ pallet piece, then screw two 9″ pieces on the top and bottom of the door.
  • Smooth the cabinet surface with sandpaper and paint it with white color. You could leave the interior natural and distressed the door for a unique look. Paint a red cross at the door and let it dry.
  • Finally, install a handle or knob to the door. Secure the door to the cabinet with hinges which measuring 3″ from the top and bottom. You can also add a magnetic clasp to the inside of the door to keep the door closed.


Knick-knack Shelf

This project give the shelf a green chalk paint and a vintage floral wallpaper that full of farm house feel. You could decorate it in guest bedroom to hold small trinkets.

Knick-knack shelf


  • Nail gun
  • 1½” nails
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Table saw


  • • Pallet pieces
    Sides (2): 24″ x 4½”
    Sides (2): 12″ x 4½”
    Shelves (1): 23″ x 4″
    Shelves (6): 5¾” x 4″
    Front (4): 12″ x 1¾”
  • One piece of 12½” x 24″ plywood
  • Spray mount
  • Wallpaper
  • Sawtooth hanger


  • Arrange the 4 side pallets to form a box and fixed them together with glue and nails. Ensure that the long boards sits on the outside of the two shorter sides, and also be sure to note the bottom board, which is 4″ deep and sits ½” shallower than the other three sides.

  • Find the center of the two short sides of the box created in Step 1 and attach the 23″ shelf board using glue and nails. Make sure the center shelf board is flush with the bottom of the box.

  • On each of the two long sides and the center shelf, divide the length into a quarters and mark the horizontal position. Attach all six shelves (5¾” x 4″), gluing and nailing in from the outside.

  • Place the four front pallet pieces across the shelf to create the cubbies. Make sure all connection of pieces secured with glue and nails.

  • Sanding to smooth the shelf. Paint it with your preference color and set it aside to dry.
  • Take a piece of plywood as the back and spray with a spray mount. Let it dry for a minute until tacky and lay on a piece of wallpaper. Smooth all wrinkles and press to adhere. Trim the edges of excess paper and let it dry.

  • Turn the shelf over and attach it to the back, carefully gluing and nailing all around the exterior. Install a sawtooth hanger at the center of the back for mounting.